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White water rafting

рафтингRafting - an extreme sport, is to overcome the rapids in an inflatable boat (raft) on a mountain river of certain grade. Often rafting is called and extreme white water rafting on the mountain rivers, and rafting on the plain rivers, such as rafting on the Dniester. We only call rafting a whit water rafting on mountain rivers, and on the plains - floating. We also have rafting tours which last only one day, while floating is a few days event.

Officially, there is no rafting in Ukraine. But there is the concept of "water tourism", which is a section of the Ukrainian Federation of Sport Tourism. Unfortunately, a separate concept for the white water rafting is not highlighted, so the Ukrainian athletes are not allowed to compete in international competitions organized by the International Rafting Federation (IRF). Apparently, the question is money that is provided by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to sports organizations.

However, there is rafting in Ukraine, because our country is rich in water resources and full-flowing mountain streams.
Black Cheremosh has become a Mecca for extreme white water. Precisely in spring take place all Ukrainian competitions of water tourism. The river belongs to the third category of complexity in 6-point scale. Also popular is Southern Bug, as in the village Migei is 100 meters  rapid, which is called the Migeyskie rapid or Integral. In fact, the complexity of the Bug is barely 2 category. The most dangerous is the Prut river near the waterfall Gurkalo in Yaremche. This waterfall has the 5th grade, while the rest of river is 2 + category. Picturesque river for rafting is Tysa. In the upper reaches, where flows the Black Tysa, interesting rapids are combined with spectacular scenery Yablunica pass.

The most convenient rafting in Ukraine we offer on the rivers Stryi Opir of Skole district, Lviv region. It is very easy to get there both by train from Lviv and Kiev or by car on highway road Kyiv-Chop. In Skole we complete groups, conduct trainings and fitting equipment. In case of low water level in the rivers, rafting is provided on the river Stryi. If there was raining in the mountains, we would start white water rafting from Hrebeniv villige. The most extreme routes are while flooding on rivers Black Cheremosh and Prut. There are several dangerous human-made obstacles: bridges, piles and iron fittings.

That`s why your safety during rafting is incredibly important for us. Usually participants` safety begins on the shore: listening carefully to the safety briefing, learning basic commands and correctly matched individual equipment can save lives. We have two levels of safety: active and passive. In passive we include a special sitting on a cataraft, paddle and a cord. These tools can help you to stay on the cataraft and reduce the force of impact with an obstacle. Active safety includes: helmet, life jacket, safety rope and extended first aid kit. It is also worth saying that all of our instructors have passed a special course of medical care, and shuttle car can always pick up injuredduring the entire route. We also insure all participants.