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Individual tours for raft-kayaking

Individual rafting is an opportunity for one or two people to raft, choosing any route and time you like. Even the day before holiday, when all the catamaran seats are taken, you can arrange rafting. Individual rafting equipment is not used for common rafting, so it can be booked any time.
We offer two three-seater raft kayaks for VIP rafting. The resence of an instructor is obligatory on each kayak. An exception can be made only if a tourist possesses skills at kayaking, and the presence of an instructor on a side-by-side kayak or catamaran. Complete impression is intensified by water proximity and minor stability. The individual life equipment includes a life jacket and a special hamlet.
Besides rafting we can also offer you individual climbing and hiking in the Carpathians. If the tourists wish, both a personal instructor and a group of porters, who will help to carry the equipment, may attend such trips.
All the individual tours are provided with the transfer service. In addition, such water and walking trips can always be prolonged without any advance agreement. If, for example, the tourists enjoyed kayaking and they wish to continue it for a day or two, we will promptly organize necessary equipment and provisions delivery.
Programme VIP all-inclusive:
-    hot dish
-    possibility to rent a dry suit or a waterproof awning for a kayak
-    soft, hot and alcohol drinks
-    transfer
-    insurance
-    excursions
-    audio and video filming
-    camp equipment renting (separate tent, rug, sleeping bag, kitchen utensils)
-    language support (English, German, Polish)
-    possibility to book any date and time (special reserve)

Costs of the tours are calculated individually, so the prices vary