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Adventure holiday in the Carpathian Mountains: boat-rides down the Dniester, rafting down the Opir, the Stryi, the Cheremosh and the Tysa, speleological tours, corporate parties, cycling tours, excursions from Lviv

Especially for our clients we have selected the most experienced instructors in water sports, mountain-climbers, speleologists, who have been specially trained to work with groups of tourists. Having priceless experience, we will make your holidays unforgettable.

 Our main principle is your safety. Choosing instructors we selected only tested and proven people who make adequate decisions in most critical situations. Also, we’ll insure you from accidents in one of insurance companies.

   Our goal is to create friendly atmosphere of team competition, this will guarantee unforgettable impression not only of what you see, but also of victory.

 Our main advantage is organizing white-water rafting as well as quiet boat-rides down the Dniester, and corporate parties. Our company is easily reached from Lviv, Morshyn, Truskavetc, Slavsk. In addition, we organize regular trips along the longest cave in Eurasia – Optymistychna. Our winter and summer hikes in the Carpathians are also worth trying.

Have a lot of unforgettable experiences!


-    Accommodation in the Carpathians - cooperation with hotels
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-    Unforgettable winter hikes in the Carpathians
-    Great number of excursions and skiing tours combined
-    Interesting trips to the Optymistychna cave in Ternopil region
-    Want 45%discount? Register for reserve
-    The school of instructor skills is open


     Route                                                    Price, $

 White water rafting
   (1 day)

 ϲ    r. Opir (Skole -  Verhnye Synyovydne 15 )

 ϲ    r. Stryi (Urych - Verhnye Synyovydne, 20km)30
 ϲ    r. Stryi (Verhnye Synyovydne - Rozhirche,15km)
 ϲ    r. Stryi (Verhnye Synyovydne - Hirne,25km)35

 ʲ   r. Opir, Stryi (Skole - Rozhirche, 30 km)

 ʲ   r. Opir (Slavsko - Verhnye Sinyovidne ,40km)40
  r. Stryi (Urych - Rozhirche, 30 km)

  r. Svicha and Mizunka


  r. Chornyi Cheremosh (Ilci - Krasnyk, 20 km)

  r. Prut (Yaremcha - Delyatyn, 15 km)

  r. Tisa (Yasynya - Rakhiv, 30 km)


  Lowland river rafting
   (2 or more days)

-4  r. Opir, Stryi (Skole - Stryy, 45 km)

-3  r. Opir, Stryi (Skole- Gydachiv, 80 km)
-3  r. Dniester (Rozvadiv - Gydachiv, 45 km)
 г   r. Stryi, Dniester (to Guravno, 100 km)
   r. Dniester (Rozvadiv - Halych, 100 km)
   r. Dniester - super rafting (to Khotyn)
C 5  r. Tysa (Tyachiv - Khust - Vylok, 65 km) 100


C 5 Parashka, Lviv region, 1268 m. - 1 day20
C 5 Pikuy, Lviv region, 1408 m. - 1 day25
C 5 Velykyy Verkh, Zakarpattya reg.,1598 m. - 1 day30
C 5 Khomyak, Ivano-Frankivsk reg., 1542 m.- 1 day35
C 5 Hoverla, Ivano-Frankivsk reg., 2061 m.- 1 day40
C 5 Pip Ivan, Ivano-Frankivsk reg., 2022 m.- 1 day45
C 5 Two-day Chornogora Ridge hiking 65
C 5 Two-day Horhany Ridge hiking60
C 5 Three-day Borgava Ridge hiking80
C 5 Multi-day trips, per day 20
C 5 Rock-climbing10
  Speleological tours 
C 5 Cave Klyuch - Skole
C 5 Cave Mlynky - Chortkiv
C 5 Cave Optymistychna - Korolivka
C 5 Cave Dgurynska - Nahoryany 40
C 5 Cave Kryshtaleva - Kryvche 45
C 5 Cave Ozerna - Strilkivtsi 50
C 5 Cave Verteba - Bilche45
C 5 Cave Stradchanska - Stradch
  Combined tours
   All Carpathian Mountains in a week!                   400
 Corporate tours and groups

 C 5 Corporate activities