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Accommodation in the Carpathians

In this section, we place timely information about our partners – the owners of farmsteads, villas, cottages, hotels, who are cooperating with us in the tourism field. Our resource attendance increases rapidly, so we try to make it as comfortable and useful as possible for the tourist. Visiting our site, the user will receive a full amount of information about rafting, river boat-rides or hiking in the Carpathians. That is why there is a great possibility of tourist’s interest in staying both in hotels and in private farmsteads while having activity holiday.
For the hotel business owners this section is another opportunity to place their information free of charge. We never have and never will charge for placing the information. Sine qua non condition for adding information – enter into cooperation in organizing leisure activities for the holidaymakers.
In order to achieve it, we are ready to provide the tourists with the advertising information: fliers, stickers, brochures, business cards and else.
Why is it interesting to cooperate with us? Rafting, river boat-rides, hiking, speleological tours – all these can attract skiers in spring and summer! Any summer corporate party can be enriched with unforgettable river boat-rides.
Usually we offer one-day tours, so the tourists will have to stay in a hotel for one more day!
Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpattia regions are of primary importance in placing advertising, for in these regions we organize attractions.
To be in the host catalogue, you should submit an application on e-mail. The application should have the name, the address, description, photos (up to 5, 1mb), contact information and reference to our site, in case of having one in the presence. The description should be given in Ukrainian and Russian.