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Cavers' dictionary


Speleologist’s dictionary
Altimeter – an instrument that indicates height above sea level or the depth (for caves) based on an aneroid barometer.
Anorak – a warm waterproof hip-length jacket usually with a hood, originally worn in Polar Regions, but now worn for any outdoor activity.
Base – a group sleeping bag or a camp in cave.
Bahman – a kind of a knot of griping manner, similar to “prusyk” in principle.
Bowline – a knot used for securing a loop that will not slip at the end of a piece of rope.
Valise – a big or very big rock.
Verhinky – outer gloves made of tough cloth with high edges and elastic on wrist.
Oar – a spoon.
Vibra–a kind of wavy sole boots for climbing, are made of cast rubber and fillings like small metal shavings, in spoken language boots of such kind are called vibras.
Guy – a rope or sling ring used for deviation of the rope to a required side.
Eight – a release device, without prongs.
Eight – an 8-shaped knot.
YIAA knot – a tricky knot for carbine used for securing, twists the rope. Its peculiarity – rubs more rope against rope than against the carbine.
Whiskers – a piece of a rope with three loops (about three metres), used in CPT technique.
Herma – a leakproof bag for belongings, is packed into a transport backpack.
Hidra – a wet suit.
Hibbs – a self-securing self-grasp device.
Grapevine (double textile) – double fisherman`s knot for joining two ropes of both the same diameter and material.
Nine – a knot, a variety of “eight” but with one more torsion.
Hole – a cave.
Woodpecker – a person who punches hollows.
Iron – metal parts of equipment.
Zhumar – self-grasp device of fist-type. Usually used with another self-grasp device – crawl-zhumar or zhumar-zhumar.
To zhumar – to come up the rope in crawl-zhumar manner.
Hook – a small (1-5cm) cliff unevenness that is possible to hold on to with fingers or prop up it. They are called “support”.
Fireplace – the widest, like cracks, vertically elements of cliff relief where a person can fit. They can go up for ten metres and exceed man’s height. Deepening into the cave, fireplaces usually taper. In fireplaces jams may occur – cliff fragments that jammed. As a rule, they block the way, but can also be used as support point and self-secure.
1Carbine – a light automatic or semiautomatic rifle of limited range, connector when working with iron.
Acetylene/carbide – an acetylene lamp.
Karem – rope sagging in CPT technique.
Karimat – look “foam”.
Cornice – overhangs cliff area, cannot be climbed without special equipment.
Reel – a slippery and sloping hill in a cave.
Cocoon – a kind of a sleeping bag, usually for low temperatures.
Well – a vertical passage.
Condensate – a substance formed by condensation, such as a liquid from a vapour; in speleology – caused by people’s breath in fast shut tent.
Contest – time come up the rope with the help of two self-grasp devices.
Controlling knot – a knot tied next to the main one for security.
Crawl – self-grasp device of fist-type used with zhumar.
Lobbies – pricks on slope, caused by running and falling water. They can reach a few tens meters in width, stretch along the entire slope and can be filled with water or snow depending on season and landscape.
Lobby – a natural way of rockslide and avalanche. The bottom of lobby often has a gutter.
Macaroni – sinter of tubular shape.
Meander – a curved narrow passage.
Metro – a straight narrow passage, often a meander.
A woodpecker set – a tool kit for punching out a passage, it includes a hollow punch and a hammer.
Frontlet – the main lamp.
Window – a lateral passage in a well.
Organ – a vertical passage, usually high.
Eye – a short narrow vertical manhole.
Pedal – a length adjustable piece of a hoisting sling with two loops.
каріматFoam – a rug-like sleeping bag bedding made of polyurethane foam.
Polyurethane – a class of synthetic materials made by copolymerizing an isocyanate and a polyhydric alcohol and commonly used as foam (polyurethane foam) for insulation and packing, as fibres and hard inert coatings. Is used as a sleeping bag bedding.
Pee-pee-fax – toilet paper.
Foam bottom – a soft seat for a bottom, a piece of foam material trimmed with cloth, usually with a waist fastening.
 Jam – blockage of a cave passage.
Punch – a tool or machine for piercing holes in a rock for drift hooks.
Prusyk – a self-grasp in type knot used for self-security in case of one of the self-grasp devices breakdown.
Down-padded coat – a quilted coat with feather heat insulation material, covered with a synthetic waterproof outer layer.
Rapid – a variety of carbine, locks holdfast, used for fastening other pieces of equipment.
Wrap-rope – a synthetic thin peripheral rope 4-8 mm in diameter.
Bars, ladder – a release device.
Catapult – a release device, washer modification, an “eight” with prongs for fastening a rope during stop.
Self-grasp device – a device that moves along the rope in one way.
 Siphon – flooded place in the cave. Perfect example – a toilet sink sectional elevation.
Nozzle – a piece of rope used for timber to natural support when hanging up.
Speleology – (from Latin spēlaeum (cave) logia (science); from Greek spelaion (cave) and logos word) the scientific study of caves, esp. in respect of their geological formation, flora and fauna, morphology, microclimate and modern use.
Split – a self-piercing plugging chisel hook by Societe de Prospection et Conventions Techniques.
Spuskovuha, FSU – phase shifting device.
CPT, SRT, OBT – single rope techniques. Are divided into American (when the base is fasten in one place, the rope is deflected by guys) and European (hooks are every 10-12 metres, every third hook is duplicated).
Stalagmite – a cylindrical mass of calcium carbonate projecting upwards from the floor of a limestone cave: formed by precipitation from continually dripping water.
Stalagnate – when a stalagmite and a stalactite merge in one.
сталактитStalactite – a cylindrical mass of calcium carbonate hanging from the roof of a limestone cave: formed by precipitation from continually dripping water.
Lathe, frame – a hard backpack usually for carrying transporting bags, is made of aluminium pipes.
Sypuha (Pour) – a place from where sand or small stones pour.
Temniak (Dark) – a closed loop to fasten an ice axe, a hammer etc.
Theodolite – a surveying instrument for measuring horizontal and vertical angles, consisting of a small tripod-mounted telescope that is free to move in both the horizontal and vertical planes Also called (in the US and Canada): transit.
Trans, transporter – a cylindrical cargo bag.
Pipe – a narrow vertical passage in a cave.
 Tur – a pyramid of stones used for orientation in a cave.
Shtiht’s washer – a release device, a metal circle, the founder of the release devices family (a washer, an “eight”, a catapult).
Shklava – a narrow passage.